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Protection from Industrial Heat Sources by Rob Parker

Equipment that operates at high temperatures is commonplace at many disparate industrial work locations. This equipment generates heat not only at the working point of the machine, but also all along the system, wherever heat is channeled through conductive material. It?s important to use protection against this heat for the safety of employees and for the integrity of the equipment. Let?s look at some contrasted categories of heat protection equipment and how they can benefit your business.

Burn protection. At the most basic level, burn protection materials enclose the surface area of sources of heat such as piping and tubing so that minimal heat travels outside of the pipe. The material contains the heat and makes the piping safe to the touch. In addition, this type of insulation is proven to increase the efficiency of systems as less heat is lost through transfer to the air, and kept within the equipment.

Burn protection may come in several variations:
Sleeves are designed to fit snugly to hose, cables, and lines and attach with a hook/release mechanism which allows maintenance without disassembling the entire structure.
Wrap is placed around tanks and cylinders, again as a removable protection system.
Tape is useful for harder to reach, smaller surface areas and irregularly shaped sources of heat. Tape is more difficult to remove than other protective measures so it should be used on equipment that does not require regular maintenance.
Blankets also come with self adhesive which allows them to be fitted to large pieces of heat producing industrial equipment.

High temperature protection. Some industrial plants may include equipment that operates at extremely high temperature levels, in which case protection far beyond the normal parameters is required. Tape, blankets, and sleeves which contain heat up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit are available. These materials are usually made of braided composite materials such as fiberglass yarn or silica yarn. The braided composition provides a tight structure which minimizes air pockets through which any heat may escape.

High temperature protection offers protection to the exterior of sensitive equipment in addition to insulating effects. Blankets and tape will negate the impact of molten metal and radiant heat on the surface of other pieces of equipment.

Damage from high heat sources can cost an industrial workplace money in terms of down time, employee injury, and equipment damage. Having high quality heat protection in place is a good way to ensure maximum efficiency at any plant.

Suitable for application in protective equipment, mainly in the welding and metal industry, molten splash protection incorporates flame-retardant finished fabrics.

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